Follow-up Discussions on SMN LinkedIn Group

Online presentations via webcast are a great way to draw an audience from all over — it’s certainly convenient, cost-effective, and an efficient way to gather everyone together for an educational presentation.

But one thing it lacks is the personal follow-up and lingering discussions that can occur in person. We often have more questions than we can get to.

So, we thought we’d try out a follow-up discussion on our Search Marketing Now LinkedIn Group. If you haven’t joined yet, check it out!

From June 29, “Integrating Web Analytics into the Organization: Moving from ‘What Happened’ to ‘Why’?” – sponsored by Unica, Evan LaPointe, speaker:

  • What can junior metrics analysts do to improve their skills at getting to the “why”?” of analytics?
  • From June 22, “SEO & Website Hosting: What You Should Know” – sponsored by Codero, with Vanessa Fox presenting:

    • Are single step 301 redirects preferable to multiple step redirects, and do multi-step redirects cause any issues?
    • How does parking a domain name on top of your host domain affect SEO – Is it just serving on duplicate content pages?
    • Should I have two sites for bilingual content, one for each language? Or, should I have one site to have both content?
    • I have dedicated hosting, what specifically can I be doing to improve server speed?