The Secret to Driving Facebook and Display Ad ROI: Phone Call Conversions

Date: Apr 25, 2017 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Jason Tabeling, SVP, Digital Marketing, Brandmuscle
Blair Symes, Director, Content Marketing, DialogTech

Digital ad spend is now being evaluated and optimized on the basis of online-to-offline impact. And in today’s smartphone world, that means phone calls.

How well Facebook and display advertising influence and generate phone call conversions can make or break ROI in 2017. Marketers must now take the same data-driven approach to calls as they do online conversions – from ad and landing page creative, to targeting and audience building, to attribution and optimization.

Join digital advertising and call conversion experts from Brandmuscle and DialogTech to learn proven strategies that will improve ROI and help you acquire more customers from Facebook and display.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to optimize Facebook and display ad campaigns to drive calls.
  • What data to capture from calls and conversations to prove ROI.
  • The CPL and ROI impact of call conversions on Facebook and display ads.
  • Success stories and examples from leading brands.


Jason Tabeling, SVP, Digital Marketing, Brandmuscle
With more than 17 years of experience leading world-class teams in the execution of digital marketing strategies at both the national and local levels, Jason has delivered significant results for clients in the financial services, retail, healthcare, franchise, and hospitality industries. Prior to joining Brandmuscle, Jason held leadership positions at Razorfish and Rosetta where he oversaw the execution of digital media, paid search, SEO strategy, and other online marketing tactics.

Blair Symes, Director, Content Marketing, DialogTech
Over the past 20 years, Blair has published hundreds of articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and blog posts and presented on dozens of webinars on a wide range of marketing topics, including B2B marketing, marketing automation, conversion optimization, and search marketing.


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