How to Accurately Track Your Social Media Buzz

Ten years ago, marketers had to rely primarily on customer surveys and mainstream media coverage to track the buzz created by a new product launch or campaign. Social media has turned the world into a focus group and today, social media monitoring and research tools give marketers the lens to see exactly what people are saying about companies and brands. However, for most marketers, with great power comes great confusion. Despite unprecedented access to millions of people and billions of conversations, they have no idea what to do with the information they uncover. Smart marketers have discovered the power of buzz. They know that by tapping into the conversations, opinions and recommendations across the social web it’s actually possible to make buzz a tactical part of their campaigns.

The tips in this white paper will help you properly leverage the social data you have at your disposal. You’ll learn why it’s important to establish a ‘buzz baseline’ even before you start a campaign, and understand why tracking and benchmarking social media buzz is a major contributor to your success.

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