Organically Grown Email Lists—Your Agency’s Inside Track

Date: Dec 10, 2015 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Daniel Faggella, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Expert, CLVboost
Angela Meadows, Content Writer & Strategist, Act-On Software

Agencies have a tough job—they are tasked with deploying email campaigns to grow their clients businesses yet many of the clients don’t have a clean quality email list. In addition your clients email deliverability is directly impacted by the volume and quality of the emails you are sending to, so purchasing a generic list can be a recipe for disaster. Because it’s impossible to run your campaigns without email lists, helping your clients organically grow a clean and quality email list is your agency’s inside track.

So how do you grow your lists with quality leads? Join us for this webinar and learn the benefits of growing your client’s lists organically to improve conversions and efficiency.

Attend this webinar and you will learn:

  • Email list success can’t be purchased
  • How to develop an organically grown email list
  • How to leverage your client’s product and or services to help you grow your lists with a more engaging clientele

Daniel Faggella is an email marketing and marketing automation expert with an obsession for customer lifetime value. He runs CLVboost, a boutique email marketing consultancy in Cambridge, MA, and regularly speaks on email marketing strategy. His clients range from venture backed startup companies to eCommerce businesses to established brick-and-mortar businesses.

After earning her BA from San Jose State University, Angela spent over ten years as an associate VP of marketing and communications for an insurance brokerage firm with Fortune 500 clients. She also has five+ years’ experience working with private companies, entrepreneurial clients and non-profit organizations as an independent branding consultant, content strategist, and writer.

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