Drive Performance With These 4 Disciplines for SEO Teams

Date: Feb 16, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Craig Bradford, COO of SearchPilot

How do you make sure your SEO team is working on activities that will make the most significant impact on your goals? Have you ever set goals only to realize a month or two later that no one has been keeping track of progress? Have you ever reached the end of a year and felt you’ve made no progress on your organic growth targets? Also, is organic growth the only target to measure?

In this webinar, Craig Bradford, COO of SearchPilot, will show you how to set and achieve better goals, track progress towards them, and build processes to ensure you achieve them.

In it, he’ll cover:

  • Why setting organic traffic and keyword goals alone don’t make sense
  • How to set meaningful goals for SEO teams
  • How SEO testing can give you confidence in hitting your goals
  • Ways of tracking progress towards your goals
  • Templates and examples that you can use to set your goals

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