5 CX Trends That Will Shape 2023

Date: Feb 9, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

David Mingle, VP and Global Practice Head, Customer Experience, Reputation,
Shannon Heath, Product Marketing Manager

No matter the situation, one principle in delivering great customer experiences holds true: creating stellar experiences for your existing customers is the best way to attract new ones.

This webinar will explore how brands are uniquely listening to customer feedback and applying the latest techniques to garner meaningful, actionable customer insights — to ultimately drive increased engagement with customers and employees, from the front line to the C-suite.

Businesses that leverage these strategies successfully find that consumers are more likely to share their experience in surveys, reviews, and social media outlets. This valuable feedback data provides the fuel they need to optimize digital marketing efforts and boost sales.

Join CX experts from Reputation for this live webinar and learn:

  • Strategies to connect marketing and CX efforts for the ultimate customer experience
  • How to engage customers using the right communication at the right time along the buying journey
  • Why it’s important to distinguish between what customers say “to” you and “about” you

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