Turn off those pop-up blockers…

If you’ve listened to enough SMN Webcasts, you’ll know that our first “viewing tip” is to turn off any pop-up blockers. That’s especially true for tomorrow’s webcast: “Measuring an Ad’s Value: A Forum Discussion,” which takes place at 1 PM Eastern.

Our topic is attribution management, or how to attribute revenue across a stream of ads. For example, if you have three search ads, and a customer looks at two but makes a purchase after clicking on the third, should that third ad get full credit for the sale? What if you run an email campaign along with a search ad – where do you attribute the resulting revenue?

In tomorrow’s webcast, we’re going to discuss various methods for attributing an ad’s value. We’ll look at a number of scenarios and poll the audience to find out what how online marketers and advertisers are valuing ads.

And that’s where the pop-up blockers come in — because we will be running several pop-up poll questions in tomorrow’s webcast, it’s important to make sure that pop-up blockers are turned off.

So, as we say on every webcast, “we recommend that you turn off any pop-up blockers…”

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