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Grow Your Business by Building Consumer Trust: The Secret Ingredient of Internet Success

Now more than ever before, small businesses need to implement strategies that build and improve consumer trust. If a user doesn’t feel safe on a website, they’ll leave, and the chances are high they’ll never come back even if nothing … read more »


Internet Trust Marks: Building Confidence and Profits Online

The fear of fraud, spoofing, phishing, identity theft, and lax website security have a sizeable percentage of consumers wary of using credit cards online. Having the right website security solution in place is not enough by itself to turn the … read more »


Achieving the Gold Standard in Paid-Search Bid Optimization

Paid-search advertisers have a range of choices when selecting a keyword-bidding approach: rules-based bidding and three different versions of model-based solutions. For large, complex SEM campaigns, model-based optimization delivers consistently superior performance improvement. This whitepaper analyzes the differences in these … read more »