Tackling a large paid search campaign – November 13 Webcast

What do you do when your PPC campaign has grown to hundreds, thousands or even millions of listings?

Managing the bidding process manually can be a nightmare – perhaps even impossible. Fortunately, there’s an entire class of search ad bid management tools that can save you time and money — and when used properly can actually improve your campaign’s performance and ROI.

In our next webcast, Search Engine Land’s Chris Sherman will describe the kinds of bid management systems available and how they can be used effectively. He’ll talk about the strategy for a large campaign, what types of tools can help, and he’ll also offer some tips to enhance your campaign’s success.

Tackling Large Paid Search Campaigns: Automated Solutions

Thursday, November 13 – 1 PM EST

This free webcast is for anyone who manages a large paid search campaign or is looking into using automated tools to manage a PPC ad campaign.

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