Search as a Strategic Planning Tool

Next Tuesday’s webcast explores how you can use search as part of your strategic marketing plans – to gain insight into your competition as well as your customers.

Tuesday, June 24, 208 – 1 PM Eastern
“Search as a Strategic Planning Tool”
Gord Hotchkiss and James Lamberti, speakers

Developing good “search intelligence” – for example, understanding how certain demographics behave relative to certain keywords – is critical to your marketing success.

Gord Hotchkiss and James Lamberti will discuss how marketers use search in the strategic planning phase – from creating a demographic profile of their ideal customer, to sizing the opportunities in the market.

In this webcast you’ll learn:

  • How to translate online consumer behavior into successful marketing strategy
  • How to be sure your search campaign aligns with your target demographic
  • How to determine the best marketing mix of paid & organic before launching a new campaign

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