Pre-webcast Q+A with Jon Kelly: Quality Score

For our June 18 SMN Webcast, “Decrypting Quality Scores,” we invite you to submit questions ahead of time. Our speaker, Jon Kelly has answered a few… We thought we’d share some with you to give a peek at what you’ll learn on this webcast.

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What’s the best quality score you can get? Is it “Great” and min bid of 0.01? Should you go for that goal? What’s a checklist so you know you’ve done everything you can?

Minimum bid is mainly determined by your Landing Page Quality Score, but yes it can be as low as 1 cent. You really only need to worry about the minimum if what they are asking you to pay is more than what you want to pay.Of course, what you want to pay is determined by your ROI and traffic volume needs. Come to the upcoming webcast for a best practices check-list, but the one word answer is “relevance.”

Can you keep an existing quality score when moving the campaign from one agency to another?

Yes, the quality scores follow accounts not agencies. If you have large accounts, it’s a good idea to give Google a heads up that you are switching over.

Googles Query String Report – How would you recommend digging in to the “unique queries”?

The Query String Report is a great way to see what people actually typed to get to your site. Look for patterns and “groups” you can establish. If you can segment searches into, say a dozen groups, you can establish a unique selling proposition for each and then craft your ad creative and landing pages accordingly.

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