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We’ve recently posted these whitepapers and webcasts on-demand at SMN.


Battle Plan: Multilateral Online Marketing (MOM)
Sponsored by Fathom SEO

Learn how to lower marketing costs and increase market share. In today;s economy, at the moment in time someone is searching for what you offer, how fiercely are you competing to be found?

Multilateral online marketing is emerging as one of the only ways companies can survive in tough economic times. Online marketing options each bring firepower, but you’ve got to avoid the mistake of treating each discipline as a silo. Coordinate your efforts, look for efficiencies and effectively track your increased leads and sales

Advanced PPC Bidding Strategies
Sponsored by Acquisio

Despite the economic downturn, smart marketers know that they must continue to advertise in order to succeed.To help online marketers maximize their paid search investments, Acquisio has identified 10 advanced PPC bidding strategies that can improve PPC performance and efficiency.

This report defines and explains these 10 strategies, which include refocusing and trimming keyword lists, bidding by margin or lifetime customer value, and increasing affiliate revenue through low-bid strategies.

Economics of Search Marketing: Addressing the Challenges of a Scalable Local Online Advertising Model
Sponsored by Clickable

This whitepaper explores the challenges and opportunities in the local search advertising industry.

On-Demand Webcasts:

Boost ROI with Coordinated Online and Search Marketing Teams
Sponsored by Fathom SEO
This webcast looks at how you can – and must – build consensus and cooperation among key members of your marketing team. Mike Moran shows how team members working in each digital channel must share the same attitude, goals, and governance to successfully support the organization and across marketing channels.

The American Attribution Index: Using Advertising Attribution Management to Improve Media Mix Allocation
Sponsored by ClearSaleing

Attribution management — the process of tracking, assembling and properly valuing an entire team of online ads as they lead to conversions — has become a critical component of advertising analytics.

ClearSaleing, Inc.and Vetra Analytics recently announced The American Attribution Index (AAI). AAI is the first-ever attribution management index that measures the relative effectiveness of each online advertising source and influence factor on consumer purchases and conversions.

This webcast explains more about the AAI, and how advertisers can use this new index to improve the effectiveness of their media mix allocation.

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