Pre-webcast Q+A with Chris Sherman – Paid Search Testing & Experimentation

For our next webcast, Paid Search Testing & Experimentation: Optimizing for Superior Results, we invited viewers to submit questions in advance to Chris Sherman. Here are just a few:

Q. How do you benchmark positions results knowing that within Google AdWords there is a gap between the position within Google ( web) of the add and what you see within the dedicated page of Google sponsored listings

Chris Sherman: The position of a search result is just one variable among many to consider in a well-designed ad test. There are many other factors that are equally, if not more important to consider – especially if you’re doing a complex multivariate test that looks at hundreds or possibly thousands of variations of your ads. A well-designed test will also help you pinpoint the ads that ultimately perform the best, regardless of their ranking, apparent quality score or other factor – and that’s the bottom line reason why testing and optimization is so crucial for success.

Q. On sites where the goal is not converting on a landing page but rather ad impressions which translates into maximizing pageviews / visit or reducing bounce rate, how would you test the user experience across multiple pages? What tools would you suggest?


Q. Can Chris talk to the metrics he has seen used for assessing the sucess of optimization programs in media companies? (ie; where you are not driving actual transactions).

Chris Sherman: In both of these cases, it’s useful to think of conversion as a process with several variables that can indicate success. In the webcast, I’ll talk about creating a “conversion funnel” that helps you visualize and measure conversion when you’re dealing with less tangible success metrics.

Join us this Thursday, July 10 at 1 PM EDT for more from Chris Sherman. Registration is still open – it’s free!

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