PPC’s Hidden Opportunity: Advertising on Content Networks

Our next webcast looks at one of the fastest growing segments of paid search – content networks – and why anyone involved in paid search advertising needs to understand how content ads work.

PPC’s Hidden Opportunity: Advertising on Content Networks
Speaker: David Szetela, Clix Marketing
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 – 1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PDT)

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PPC advertisers have traditionally shied away from advertising on content networks like the one included in Google AdWords, fearing high cost and low response rates. But that’s all changing, and if you’re involved in paid search advertising you need to understand how this piece of the PPC puzzle works.

This webcast takes you through the secrets of controlling ad spend and placement, from the right way to assemble keyword lists to making optimal use of performance reports, to best practices in text and non-text ad creative. Learn the secrets of getting double-digit conversion rates and high ROI from content network advertising — the segment of PPC advertising that’s growing faster than search.

In this webcast you’ll learn:

• How to build great content keyword lists
• Why content ads are different from search ads – and how to create them
• What you can do to control costs and improve conversion rates

David Szetela is president of Clix Marketing. This webcast is sponsored by Marin Software.

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