PPC pricing Models – new E-Book at Search Marketing Now

We’ve recently released another new E-Book, “PPC Pricing Models.” This SMN E-Book was prepared by Kevin Newcomb, with contributions from Search Engine Land editors and writers. Thanks to Acquisio for sponsoring this E-Book.

Whether you’re an SEM agency providing PPC services, or you’re an advertiser contracting for them, finding the right pricing model is critical to the success of your working relationship. The ‘best’ model is always the one that meets both parties’ needs and overall business goals. Getting there can be challenging, but it’s important to find the right balance when you are entering any contract for PPC services.

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This report outlines two main categories of PPC management pricing models: cost-based pricing and performance-based pricing. In each category, we’ve outlined some typical examples, along with the advantages and disadvantages of the models for both SEM agencies and PPC advertisers.

Both the SEM agency and the client will win if the agency can provide quality PPC management services at a fair price, and if the goals of the agency and client are aligned and reflected in the pricing model and structure of the contract.