Local Search Marketing Landscape – WhitePaper at Search Marketing Now

Some recent statistics from the recent WhitePaper, Local Search Marketing: Targeting Consumers in a Diverse Media Landscape, published by 15 Miles/TMP Directional Marketing and comScore. This WhitePaper is available at Search Marketing Now.

  • 84% of local business searchers own a print directory in their homes but this population has been steadily declining since 2007
  • 41% local business searchers spend the vast majority of their time searching for local businesses online instead of offline, up markedly from 26% in 2007
  • 41% of percent of youth, ages 18 to 24, use search engines for business information
  • 49% of searchers 65 years old or more rely on print White/Yellow Pages

Not surprisingly, local searchers are increasingly moving from offline to online format.
The results from 2009 have been tabulated, but these findings do not suggest adopting
an exclusive search marketing position. Instead, the study proves that truly effective search
marketing strategies should be all encompassing to include a diverse, cross-platform mix of
media sources for local business information, including thriving platforms mobile and social

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