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How To Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

Learn how User-Generated Content (UGC) helps improve both your traffic and Conversion Rate (CVR) for eCommerce websites. See why Google and shoppers prefer the authenticity and trustworthiness of UGC. And why it improves SEO and CVR.  Download this special report … Read more »


Transform Retail Experiences: Building Trust in the Age of Modern Privacy

The world of retail has changed considerably over the past few years, with digital and physical marketplaces starting to blend and compliment each other along the customer journey. Organizations need to navigate the new challenges of retail spurred by increasing … Read more »


Trust To Profits

“Trust to Profits” reveals the 5 Critical Trust Signals that drive conversion, and the proven path to eCommerce profits. Learn the right trust signals that work, from search to checkout. Including both brand-generated and user-generated content that improves SEO, trust, … Read more »


How Bots and Fake Users Skew Marketing Data and Analytics

Web traffic is made up of bots, automation tools, headless browsers and fake users, which leads to contaminated data. As a result, skewed data has become a strategic issue for data-driven enterprises, undermining key business decisions. Learn more about how … Read more »


How Bots & Fake Users Pollute eCommerce Funnels

Bots and fake users frequently click on paid advertisements intended for legitimate shoppers. In fact, eCommerce sites lose $2.34 billion to invalid ad clicks. Learn more in CHEQ’s latest research, “How Bots & Fake Users Pollute eCommerce Funnels.”


Reputation Management For Healthcare Organizations

91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Whether a patient seeks a new healthcare plan, doctor, specialist, pharmacy, facility, or service, a majority of consumers today begin their search online. Discover what … Read more »


An E-Holiday Like No Other

This Christmas will be a bit different from what we’re used to. But what won’t change, however, is the Holiday Season race – people are still expecting customary discounts and are searching for them online more actively than ever before. … Read more »


5 Steps for Competing with Digital Goliaths

Date: Mar 26, 2019 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Kirk Williams, Owner, ZATO Marketing
Ashley Fletcher
, VP of Marketing, Adthena


The Definitive Guide to B2B Reviews: Everything you need to know to launch a 5-star review program

Technology buyers are doing more independent research than ever before, and they are turning to their peers in record numbers — Demand Gen Report found that 84% of B2B buyers seek input from peers and existing users during the purchasing … Read more »


Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increase Revenue with Customer Reviews

Getting visitors to engage and shop on your website is a big deal—but really only one part of the conversion process. A bigger challenge is actually getting them to convert once they’ve started a purchase. Research from Trustpilot shows that … Read more »