Digital marketing tips and trends – excerpts from current resources

Looking for tactical and strategic ideas for improving your digital marketing? Here are some excepts and tips from some of the whitepapers and research we have at Digital Marketing Depot.  There’s lots more where these came from!

Tip: Separate Your Display & Search Campaigns
Splitting out display and search campaigns is another well-known best practice among more experienced advertisers, but many people first creating campaigns opt their campaigns into both display and the search network by selecting the Search & Display Networks campaign type in Settings. This is problematic for several reasons…

From Wordstream’s whitepaper,
8 Simple Things You Might Be Overlooking in Your AdWords Account

Tip: Integrate social lead-gen into overall lead gen
You can ask your Twitter followers or Facebook fans to sign up for your email newsletter, receive a white paper or report, or be notified of upcoming events. You can even include an opt-in form on your Facebook page to allow followers receive these communications. Be sure to add your website’s URL on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles, and include URLs to other social channels on each one…
By cross-pollinating your lead-gen tools, you give your target audience a choice of different ways of engaging with you and consuming information. This contributes to moving them further down the sales funnel.

From Marketwired’s whitepaper,
How to Generate Leads Through the Social Web

Trend: Tag Management is becoming a More Vital Piece of the Web Analytics Puzzle
Adoption of tag management solutions is growing rapidly. Half of marketers surveyed by Forrester Research implemented their systems within the past twelve months. Enterprises that have deployed tag management solutions report numerous benefits, including improved staff productivity, faster page load times, and less dependence on IT development and release cycles (see Table 7). Users say their ability to implement new or revised tags quickly (within days) jumped from 18% to 80% after deploying a tag management system, according to Forrester Research.

From the Digital Marketing Depot Market Intelligence Report,
Enterprise Web Analytics Tools 2013: The Marketer’s Guide

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