Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman on Jan 25: “Search Marketing 2011″

Next Tuesday, January 25 at 1 PM Eastern, Search Marketing Now hosts a special one-hour webcast featuring Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. The webcast will follow a Q+A format, using questions posed by attendees at registration as well as those submitted by attendees during the live webcast.

Titled “Search Marketing 2011: What to Expect — and Why Every Marketer Should Care,” this webcast will focus on a range issues facing search and internet marketers as we move into a new year. Based on questions already submitted, looks like we’re going to cover everything from what aspects of search marketing to focus on in 2011 to latest trends in display advertising vs. search.

Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman have been reporting on and analyzing search marketing for more than a decade, and are widely recognized as two of the most respected authorities on search marketing. They are Co-Chairs of the conference series, Search Marketing Expo, as well as Editor in Chief and Executive Editor, respectively, at Search Engine Land.

Register now for this special webcast and be sure to submit your question when you do.