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AdGooroo is a Kantar Media company and global leader in Search Marketing Intelligence that helps the world’s best known brands and their agencies achieve a competitive advantage in the search marketplace. Offering a complete picture of the search marketing landscape, AdGooroo enables clients to view current and historical data—including spend estimates, performance statistics, keywords and ad creative—for virtually any advertiser’s text ad and product listing ad campaigns across desktop, tablet and mobile search in more than 50 countries.

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Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Performance Metrics: 2015 Edition

Download the 2015 edition of AdGooroo’s “Yahoo! Bing Paid Search Metrics” report to view a PPC performance comparison of the Yahoo! Bing Network and Google AdWords for the following industries: Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Education, Automotive and Business-to-Business. View side-by-side … read more »


Inside the Black Box: Debunking the Myths of Link Spam Detection – and How You Can Benefit From It

Date: Oct 6, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Eric Ward, Chief Link Evangelist, AdGooroo
Richard Stokes, CEO, AdGooroo


Digital Competitive Intelligence — A Practical Guide to Improve Paid Search Marketing

No marketing vehicle is more rooted in direct, head-to-head competition than Paid Search. Learn how to use Digital Competitive Intelligence to gain the edge with this informative, step-by-step guide from industry leader AdGooroo. Find your top PPC competitors Identify competitors’ … read more »