Attribution Management Forum 2.0 – January 29

Last October, Search Marketing Now presented the webcast Measuring an Ad’s Value: A Forum Discussion, which relied heavily on the interactive polling feature of our webcasting platform.

This webcast, also known as the Attribution Management Forum, was designed to be an interactive webcast that would help the online advertising community to better identify, define and ultimately recommend improved valuation practices and methodologies for measuring an ad’s value.

On January 29,we will continue the conversation. Adam Goldberg, co-Founder and Chief Innovation of ClearSaleing, will deliver a follow-up webcast the Attribution Management Forum 2.0, to further identify how online advertisers measure and attribute the value of an ad

“The first Forum taught us that the ‘last click’ model is no longer an option, and marketers are trying to give fair, and more accurate credit to the multiple ads that help a user to convert on their site,” said Goldberg. “For the second Forum webcast, we want to dig deeper into these scenarios to define credit rules for each of the various scenarios and sources, while introducing new topics for thought.”

In the upcoming webcast, we’ll add some new scenarios:

Time Sensitive Attribution: In the prior webcast, more than 65% of the audience believed that when three search ads are involved in a conversion, all three ads deserve equal credit for the conversion versus crediting only the first or last ad.
We’ll explore this scenario further by introducing an element of time. For example, if the three search ads appeared in a conversion over 30 days, would we still have a consensus that all ads deserve equal credit for the conversion?

Product Sensitive Attribution. A widely known industry fact is that more than 44% of online purchases result from online advertising for products unrelated to the ad(s) that were clicked. In the prior webcast, we did not pay attention to which product was sold, but only that a conversion occurred.
We’ll specifically call attention to the fact the product sold was unrelated to the team of ads that produced the conversion. Will this new data point change the consensus opinion that all ads deserve equal credit?

Search – Display Interaction. In the previous webcast, 88% of the audience believed that when two banners were served to a consumer who then clicked on a search ad, the banners deserved some credit for a subsequent conversion, but not as much as the search ad.
We’ll reverse the order of this Purchase Path to see if people think that banner impressions that occur after a search ad are still worthy of getting some form of credit.

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Attribution Management Forum 2.0
Thursday, January 29, 2009
1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

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