Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2016

It’s here! Check out the new Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2016) from Scott Brinker, just released at the 2016 MarTech Conference.

The number of marketing technology solutions in this chart nearly doubled over last year – to 3,874.

First published in 2011, with approximately 150 companies listed, the landscape has exploded over the past five years, as the technologies evolve and new vendors enter the space.

It’s also been restructured, based on Scott’s view that rather than a one-platform-fits-all approach, marketers are moving towards integrating multiple platforms. Here’s how he explains the new organization:

So I felt this year’s marketing tech landscape should reflect that shift. Instead of a platform-emphasized “stack” metaphor, I decided to organize the landscape around 6 marketing technology capability clusters:

  1. Advertising & Promotion
  2. Content & Experience
  3. Social & Relationships
  4. Commerce & Sales
  5. Data
  6. Management

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