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Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide

New! Digital Advertising Agencies 2014: A Buyer’s Guide Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Researcher/Writer: Karen Burka Download Now Learn how to identify — and hire — the right digital agency for your business — this guide will answer these … read more »


Why Advertising Through Real-Time Bidding Needs a New Pricing Model

For decades, CPM pricing controlled how all advertising was bought and sold and how different media properties were compared. Today’s real-time advertising is a significant opportunity, which can help advertisers reach more targeted viewers, gain efficiency, and improve ROI.  Real-time bidding … read more »


Online Advertising Report: April – June 2012

Marin Software recently conducted a study of search and mobile trends during the second quarter of 2012. The findings, presented in this research brief, will give you a better understanding of online advertising trends in the US, UK, and Eurozones. … read more »


“Why Care About Combination Clickers”

Search marketers often try to profile consumers who click on paid ads against those who prefer natural search results. But the reality is there is little discernable difference between paid and organic clickers. Your better targets are consumers who click … read more »


Mobile Search: The Agency Opportunity

Date: Jan 31, 2012 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Steven Schuler, Senior Marketing Manager, Mobile and Connected Devices, Yahoo!
Patrick Peters, Account Executive, Mobile Sales, Yahoo!


How to Manage Large Retail PPC Campaigns: Best Practices to Solve Tactical and Organizational Challenges

Large retail organizations face unique challenges in conducting their search engine marketing programs, including managing thousands of products, SKUs and catalog pages in multiple sales environments. Effectively organizing retail PPC keywords, ad groups and campaigns is complex and frequently involves … read more »