The Social Marketing Paradox: Why Brands Fail To Create Customer Relationships

Despite a decade of attempting to realize social marketing’s promise to help brands better connect with their customers, many brands are still struggling to do so.

Companies have long hoped social media would give them a new way to connect with their customers. Today, brands pursuing that promise focus almost exclusively on big social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and prioritize customer engagement above all else.

So why aren’t brands able to realize the promise of social marketing?

Mainly, because the technology partners have not provided the functionality needed to go beyond what the big social networks offer and enable rich, dynamic and interactive relationships with customers.

Read the whitepaper, The Social Marketing Paradox, to learn the three key attributes social relationship tools must deliver to foster real relationships with customers:

  • Comprehensive and powerful for both marketing and customer service
  • Proactive, data-driven advice on what and when to publish content
  • Measurement and optimization of social programs

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