What were those 20 Questions to Ask About PPC Campaign Management?

If you missed yesterday’s webcast with David Rodnitzky, here are the basics. To get the complete picture, view the webcast, “Choosing a PPC Campaign Management Tool: 20 Questions You’ll Need to Ask,” now available on demand.

First, questions to ask yourself:
1. Am I qualified to evaluate ppc campaign management software?
2. What do I want to do internally, what do I want my ppc campaign management company to handle?
3. Can I absorb the additional cost of ppc campaign management and still meet my business objectives?
4. Do I have engineering resources available to integrate the software?
5. How will I define success?
6. Will I be able to benchmark success?
7. Do I need a Pinto or a Ferrari?

Questions to Ask Potential Vendors:
8. How difficult is integration and disintegration?
9 What do you offer beyond bid management?
10. With what search engines do you work?
11. Do you offer a free trial?
12. Are there additional fees (consulting, add-0n features, API quotas)?
13. Who pays if your system/team makes an error?
14. How do you handle returns/offline transactions/other special needs?
15. Who will be my day-to-day contact?
16. Does your system support my specific business objective?
17. Can you get a short contract or short out-clause?
18. Are you up-to-date on new vendors?
19. Were you wowed by a PowerPoint?
20. How reliable are vendor references?

Check out the complete webcast in our “On Demand” section. Thanks to Marin Software for sponsoring this webcast.

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