What parts – and when – to automate your PPC campaign

PPC campaigns are complex, time-consuming, and can create real headaches the larger they get. At some point, it becomes too unwieldy to manage certain apects by hand.

So when does it make sense to automate — and what aspects of the campaign should you automate?

On August 4, PPC expert Andrew Goodman wil address this topic in the webcast “PPC Campaign Automation: Bid Management, Alerts…the Works!”

This webcast provides a hands-on introduction into PPC campaign automation. He’ll look at how to automate a PPC campaign using rules-based management to govern your bidding process, why it’s important to automate the bidding process, what kinds of rules can be used to streamline a PPC campaign — and much more.

Join us for this practical look at how to manage PPC more efficiently through PPC campaign automation.

PPC Campaign Automation: Bid Management, Alerts…the Works!
Speaker: Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media
Tuesday, August 4 – 1 PM EDt

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