How Local SEO + Influencer Retargeting are Delivering Record ROI

Date: Dec 12, 2013 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Ginny Marvin, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land and Marketing Land
Bill Connard, VP Local Search Solutions,Rio SEO
Ben Straley, VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO

Digital marketers are challenged everyday to deliver ROI metrics which measure the effectiveness of new technologies, how Google updates impact their brands and how to successfully manage budget dollars and tactics to prove lower CPAs (costs per actions).

Two digital marketing strategies that deliver a high number of conversions, at some of the lowest CPAs, are local SEO and influencer retargeting. While many brands are aware of the opportunity that exists with local search, few tap into the opportunity to advertise to their most valuable audience, social media users with significant reach who share the brand’s Web content – aka brand influencers.

Industry experts from Rio SEO will share customer case studies and industry data on lower CPAs being achieved from the combination of local SEO and influencer retargeting campaigns.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • Strategies for integrating your local search efforts with influencer retargeting
  • Measuring the effectiveness of local search efforts across mobile devices and desktops
  • Why influencer retargeting outperforms standard retargeting conversion rates up to 7x
  • How to identify, track and measure the impact of your brand influencers

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