Technology (Marketing + Operations) = Time to reorganize the marketing department?

By Scott Brinker

If you’ve worked in marketing for longer than 6 months, chances are you’ve seen how technology changes the way we do things. And at an increasingly rapid pace.

I’m not talking about updates to social media feed algorithms, or new search advertising options, or the improvements in email automation. (How about that recent Marketo outage to prove how reliant we are on marketing technologies?)

I’m talking about how technology is fundamentally changing the way our marketing organizations are set up, how we communicate within them, and how they relate to other functional areas within the organization.

Think about your role, and the role of your IT counterparts. Years ago, it was practically unheard of to have a reasonable dialogue between developers and marketers. Today, marketers realize they’re better off knowing code, and the good developers understand the reasons for creating some of the custom software requested by the marketing department.

How does this impact the way a marketing department is structured today? Finding and hiring someone who thinks with both sides of their brain isn’t easy, but is it essential? With the rapid infusion of technology into the marketing organization, who really should be in charge?

Next week, I’ll be speaking on a webinar that looks at best practices for structuring marketing in today’s world of martech. I’ll be joined by Rishi Dave, CMO of Dun & Bradstreet and Erica Seidel, CEO of The Connection Good.

“Organizing for Martech: Re-examining modern marketing structure” will air at 1 PM EDT on Thursday, August 15. Register now, it’s free!

Scott Brinker is Conference Chair of MarTech Conference Series and also Editor of