Multi-National Search Marketing: Webcast February 12

“Think global, act local” has been a marketing mantra used for years — and it’s just as applicable for search marketers now as ever.

While the worldwide reach of search engines offers immense opportunities for marketers, there are plenty of issues to consider when you’re running a multi-national search campaign.

On Tuesday, February 12 at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, we’ll hear from Chris Sherman about what you need to keep in mind when building a multi-national search campaign. This webcast, “Multi-National Search Marketing: Effective Strategies for Global Marketers,” is sponsored by iProspect.

Chris will look at factors such as searcher behavior varies from country to country, why it’s important to know just which search engines are popular in a given region, and how you can begin to build links locally.

Registration is open — join us!