May 5 Webcast: Building an Accurate Advertising Attribution Model

Most online advertisers still give conversion credit to the last ad clicked, based on the belief that it’s just not possible to measure the various influences that occur in the buying process. But increasingly, savvy marketers recognize this attribution method is flawed.

Our next webcast looks at how to build an advertising attribution model that’s accurate and testable:

Attribution Management Forum 3.0:
How To Build Accurate Models To Solve Attribution

Tuesday, May 5, 1:00 PM EDT

The webcast will be co-hosted by Adam Goldberg, ClearSaleing co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, and Dr. Purush Papatla, President of Vetra Analytics, a high-end statistical consultancy group that is partnered with ClearSaleing.

Dr. Papatla will show how using high-end statistical models can allow one to build attribution models that specifically address how to account for:

* Social media
* Word of Mouth
* The differences between short Purchase Paths and long Purchase Paths

Marketers who can solve attribution and build an accurate model will find improvements in media buying effectiveness and, ultimately in their — and their clients’ — bottom line.

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