Get in the Habit of Effective SEM for Retail

Today’s webcast, “Managing a Large PPC Retail Campaign,” featured David Rodniztky of PPC Associates, who organized the presentation around “7 Habits of Highly Effective SEM.”

Starting with Habit #1, Choosing the Right Search Engines, David pointed out how retail SEM can often be different from plain-vanilla SEM. For example, when choosing the right search engines, a typical SEM campaign might involve Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook. But a retailer needs to look further to shopping engines — so the list might also include, Pricegrabber, Amazon, etc.

For retail PPC campaigns, long tails terms can be much more important — Habit #2, Choosing the Right Keywords. While a typical SEM campaign might get the bulk of conversions from head terms, the long tail is much more important to retailers.

We won’t go in to all seven habits here — you can view the webcast on-demand at Search Marketing Now. You can also download the 7 Habits:PPC Associates’ Guide to Highly Effective Search Engine Marketing at PPC Associates.