About TUNE


TUNE delivers mobile marketing solutions that help today’s marketers and their partners (including ad networks, tech platforms, demand-side platforms, and others) effectively manage marketing campaigns, engage the right audiences, optimize performance, and win in the market. Accuracy, transparency, and efficiency are critical in marketing, which is why we integrate with and build technologies that power marketers’ agencies, ad networks, and other partners.

Resources from TUNE:


Buy vs. Develop It Yourself: Considerations for Scaling Your Ad Network

The question of whether to buy a performance marketing platform or develop core capabilities in-house is central to every ad network. For network owners and CTOs, it’s a decision with direct impact on short and long-term business growth. This white … read more »


An Introduction: Performance Marketing for Your Business

Performance marketing can provide maximum advertising power without draining your advertising budget. This introduction to performance marketing from TUNE covers the following topics: Basic concepts of performance marketing programs An introduction to affiliate offers Understanding publishers


10 Things Every Performance Marketer Should Know

In the age of digital marketing, terms like attribution, mobile marketing, and ROI reign supreme. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to get the most out of their advertising spend, and publishers are on the hunt for the best … read more »


9 Best Practices of Affiliate Networks

There are plenty of factors that set great affiliate networks apart from the rest of the pack. Some of them are obvious. You need to have great offers (preferably exclusive), competitive payouts, and excellent support from your affiliate managers. But … read more »


Deferred Deep Linking: Shifting Traditional Mobile Marketing

Mobile moves fast. Within the next year, mobile is expected to claim more than half of the digital ad market. Those marketers who want to stay on top need to be knowledgeable of all sides of the ecosystem, have a … read more »


The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Performance Marketing and How To Overcome Them

Download this white paper from TUNE to learn how to avoid the seven most frequent pitfalls that keep mobile ad networks from being successful. Pitfalls such as: Not taking the time to set up device targeting Wanting to target everyone … read more »


The 8 Habits of Highly Successful Ad Networks

Running an ad network is no easy feat But imagine you’re doing really well, and then you hear about another ad network blowing it out of the water. How do they do it? You seem to be doing everything you … read more »