TABLE’s platform provides an all-in-one, digital-first, seamless platform for your customers the moment they interact with you! Delight your customers with tailored messages based on their needs, from scheduling appointments to processing payments and connecting with live agents. Agents can interact with customers through voice and video calls, group messaging, screen and file sharing, and much more. TABLE keeps every channel and interaction in one unified platform so you don’t have to.

Resources from TABLE:


What Customer Experience Means in 2021

To satisfy your customer in today’s competitive landscape, you need to have more than just a stellar product—you need to provide an experience they won’t forget. When done right, you gain a customer for life, creating advocates who can’t wait … read more »


4 Ways to Commodity-Proof Your Company

Products can be replicated. Prices can be met. Companies can even create a basic replica version of your exact product. There’s only one thing that cannot be commodified: customer experience. This eBook from TABLE show you why you need to: … read more »