About MessageGears


MessageGears is a radically different enterprise customer marketing platform which enables audience segmentation and campaign management that’s relevant, timely, and personalized by leveraging a direct connection to your data, versus traveling between your company’s firewalls and the cloud.

Resources from MessageGears:


Rethinking RFPs for ESPs

The RFP has been a vendor selection staple for more than 50 years but has lost effectiveness when selecting an ESP because enterprise brands aren’t answering key questions before they build the RFP: What are our main messaging needs, and … Read more »


It’s Time to Ditch your ESP

Let’s face it: you’re frustrated with your email service provider. The good news is you’re in really good company. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn: Why enterprise marketers struggle to send personalized campaigns with their current ESP How MessageGears solves the … Read more »