About Boxever


Boxever is a personalisation platform that uses data and AI to help the world’s biggest brands make every customer interaction smarter. We work with the likes of Emirates, Viva Air Group and Aer Lingus to deliver game-changing customer experience. We do all this in two ways. Firstly, we bring together data from all the channels, tools and databases across their business to build rich and accurate profiles of their customers. Then we use AI to interpret that data and automate decisions about how to personalise every single customer interaction. It joins-up interactions across every channel based on a customer’s history, what they're doing "in the moment" and what a business wants to achieve - all in real time. From website to email and from SMS to contact centre, Boxever decides the what, why, where and when.

Resources from Boxever:


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Decisioning: marketing’s game‑changer

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Infographic: CDP vs. DMP

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Four Steps to 1:1 Customer Interactions

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