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Arke Systems is a technology-consulting firm assisting businesses in the Atlanta area who realize information technology is a catalyst to their long-term success. We are proud to have some of the most satisfied customers in the industry and we look forward to working with you. Arke specializes in custom web application and software development, database development, business intelligence, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint solutions.

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Onboarding: The Missing Journey

Date: Feb 15, 2018 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

James Scott, General Partner, SuccessHACKER
Margaret Wise, Vice President, Strategy, Arke


Beware: Digital Clutter Blinds

We know and understand the challenges you face as a marketer first hand. The pressure to deliver data driven results, offer the best customer experience, and support your inbound marketing funnel. Words like “transformation” and “marketing technology” keep getting thrown … read more »


Marketing Technology: Decision Making Guide Content Management Systems

Working with a content management system (CMS) does not take a rocket scientist. At least, that’s how we hope you feel after reading this white paper. If you are thinking about implementing a content management system, searching for the best … read more »


Customer-managed journeys: Beyond the map to actionable journey insight

It’s an important question because many businesses place the customer journey, and their view of it, as the central piece of their efforts to improve customer experience. In the age of the empowered consumer, you don’t manage the journey, your … read more »


Unifying the Customer Experience Across All Channels

Customers expect more than ever before. More personalization, product options, ways to communicate and value for their money. To meet these escalating expectations, marketing executives are making aggressive new investments in technologies, products, channels, content, and partnerships. On the technology … read more »


Guide: Marketing Foundation

Marketing today is seeing a revolution as organizations extend their efforts into the online world to reach their audiences, using automated systems, data analytics and ever-evolving digital tools and tactics. In this free marketing module from Arke Univerity  you will learn how … read more »


Self-Assessment and Guide – Data Analytics

Arke University, or ArkeU, is a complete training program that covers the major technologies for both marketing and technologists alike with the option to complete the courses online or in-person through live, instructor-led training. ArkeU was created for both individual … read more »