Big Brand SEO – Webcast with Chris Sherman, Thursday May 22

This Thursday, tune in at 1:00 PM Eastern as Chris Sherman delivers another Search Marketing Now webcast, “Big Brand Search Engine Optimization: Managing Large Campaigns.” Registration is still open – and it’s free.

In theory, you’d think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the same for all sites, large or small. But in practice, SEO for large brands has its own set of challenges – and solutions. For example, how do you effectively manage all the stakeholders in the SEO process – when it can extend across the entire organizational structure and involves a wide range of constituencies?

And when does it make sense to centralize your SEO efforts — and when doesn’t it? How do you lobby for your budget, when you may be competing with other departments for the same dollars?

Search Engine Land’s Executive Editor (and webcaster extraordinaire) Chris Sherman will discuss these issues and more in his presentation. Thanks to iProspect for sponsoring the presentation.

Join us – register now. (For those of you who’ve been with us before, you’ll notice we have a new registration page. We have finally switched to a form that will remember you when you return to register again. Thanks for your patience!)