Advertisers: Improve media mix allocation with American Attribution Index

Search Marketing Now has hosted four webcasts on the topic of attribution management, the process of tracking, assembling and properly valuing an entire team of online ads as they lead to conversions.

ClearSaleing, Inc., a leader in advertising analytics and founder of the Attribution Management Forum, and Vetra Analytics, a leader in quantitative marketing, recently announced The American Attribution Index (AAI). AAI is the first-ever attribution management index that measures the relative effectiveness of each online advertising source and influence factor on consumer purchases and conversions.

On October 1, The American Attribution Index will be explained in a live webcast at Search Marketing Now.

We began last October with the Attribution Management Forum, where we assembled some of the brightest minds in the industry and polled their collective wisdom about just how to assign and measure the value of every ad. Then, in January, we continued the discussion with advertising industry leaders with the Attribution Management Forum 2.0.

In the Attribution Management Forum 3.0, we looked at how to build models to solve for attribution.

Most recently, we presented the Attribution Management Buyers Guide, which highlighted key attribution management features and functionality to look for when selecting an advertising analytics solution.

On October 1 at 1 PM Eastern, we’ll learn more about the AAI, and how advertisers can use this new index to improve the effectiveness of their media mix allocation.

In this webcast, Adam Goldberg and Purush Papatla will explain how the AAI can help advertisers to discover the relative importance of online media sources in influencing consumer purchase decisions, plus how you can benchmark your progress against your competitors using the vetical attribution indices. They’ll also show how you can use a custom index for your own company to improve the allocation of your online advertising mix.

This webcast is sponsored by ClearSaleing. ClearSaleing, Inc. is an advertising technology company that enables Internet retailers and direct marketers to generate more profit (ROI) from their online marketing investments. Their technology tracks and values clicks and impressions throughout the entire purchase path for a specific sale or conversion. As a result, ClearSaleing’s proprietary advertising analytics technology provides Internet retailers and direct marketers with the only accurate way to measure, compare and optimize profit (ROI) across their online advertising portfolio.

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