50% of advertisers are attempting to geo-target ads, study reveals

Our webcast on Wednesday, October 1, will include some new research about local online advertising.

We thought we’d share a sneak peek at some of the results. According to the survey of national advertisers and agencies,

* Almost 40% were spending nearly 25% of their advertising budgets on online/digital marketing
* Roughly 50% of respondents were doing some form of geotargeted advertising online, often at a crude level of targeting however

Yet traffic sources, tactics and success metrics were all over the map (no pun intended), indicating lots of experimentation, uncertainty, and a general absence of clear best practices.

“Despite high levels of demand and experimentation, there remain numerous frustrations and challenges for advertisers trying to effectively reach local markets online,” said Greg Sterling, analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence. “Those include ROI uncertainty and tracking issues, lack of efficient access to scale, and internal resource and budget constraints, among others.”

Sterling will present the findings of his research in the upcoming Search Marketing Now webcast:

Local Online Advertising: Strategies and Tactics Every Company Should Know
Wednesday, October 1 – 2 PM Eastern/11 AM Pacific

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