20 Questions You Need to Ask About PPC Campaign Management Tools

One of the questions we get on nearly every webcast is “Can you recommend a tool for that?”

At Search Marketing Now, we don’t endorse particular tools or applications — whether it’s for keyword research, campaign management, or analytics — because everyone’s needs are different. We can’t possibly know what’s right for you.

But what we can do is give you the tools you need (pun intended) to evaluate and decide what’s right for your business. What do you need to know in order to make the right decision for your company or your client?

On June 18, we’ll focus on paid search campaign management:

Choosing a PPC Campaign Management Application: 20 Questions You’ll Need to Ask
Speaker: David Rodnitzky
June 18 – 1 PM EDT

This webcast will cover questions you’ll need to ask in order to make the right decision in adopting PPC campaign management software for a large or complex SEM campaign.

PPC expert David Rodnitzky will walk you through 20 key questions to get you through the process. He’ll include a look at what campaign management tools can — and can’t do — to improve your PPC campaign and your business. You’ll learn how to evaluate the various tools out there by asking objective, incisive questions.

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