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Using Google to Drive Offline Sales

Google is now the main storefront for every business. From awareness, to consideration, to conversion, and finally advocacy — learn how large brands can take advantage of their many locations on Google to drive more offline sales.


The Practical Guide to Account-Based Marketing Measurement

While Account-Based Marketing is probably the hottest topic in B2B marketing, marketers are struggling to measure the effectiveness of this strategy. In this white paper from Brightfunnel, they provide a framework for how to thoroughly measure ABM in real, practical … read more »


ABM Benchmark Insights (Q3 2016)

Do you know how your account-based marketing efforts are performing? How do those results stack up? Download this report from Brightfunnel to learn about 5 key insights they learned when analyzing data from a network of organizations using the Brightfunnel … read more »


Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful?

Date: Oct 25, 2016 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Mary Bowling, Co-founder, Ignitor Digital
Brandon Fleming, SEO/SEM Marketing Manager, Protection 1/ADT
Cynthia Sener, VP of Operations and Product, Rio SEO


The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Performance Marketing and How To Overcome Them

Download this white paper from TUNE to learn how to avoid the seven most frequent pitfalls that keep mobile ad networks from being successful. Pitfalls such as: Not taking the time to set up device targeting Wanting to target everyone … read more »


Optimize Customer Experiences With Digital Intelligence

Read this Forrester report to learn how digital intelligence can help you combine insights from existing, new and emerging channels to drive timely, customer-obsessed decision-making. Get an up-close look at the disruptive nature of digital intelligence technology and find out … read more »


What is Lead Scoring?

A great deal of marketing revolves around a question that is not always asked out loud but is at the heart of many marketing campaign decisions: “Who is worth an investment of resources?” Marketing budgets are finite. The bandwidth of … read more »


Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Using The Forrester Wave and The Gartner Magic Quadrant

Navigating the marketing technology landscape is becoming increasingly difficult. This level of diversity, and the pace at which new vendors come to market, make technology selection processes extremely tough. The question that many marketing executives face is – “which vendors … read more »


The Guide to Social Media Marketing

Modern social media marketing is still marketing. So if you understand your audience by listening, publish content that resonates, engage them, and measure your success, you will make great social strides in this digital world. Here’s why social marketing is … read more »


Social and Mobile Marketing Data Report

Based on Oracle’s research with Social Media Today they found that most marketers are comfortable with social marketing, but still getting their feet wet with mobile. Download the Social Data eBook from Oracle and learn the social channels that are performing the … read more »