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Marketing in the Driver’s Seat: Using Analytics to Create Customer Value

A new Harvard Business Review report shows that using data to improve the customer experience is a key part of creating a competitive advantage in today’s market. HBR’s interviews with executives, academics and analysts showed that: Companies that use multiple … read more »


Discover How Marketing Analytics Increases Business Performance

With so much customer data available today, effective measurement is on the minds of many marketers. Google recently asked Forrester Consulting to survey 150 marketing, analytics and IT executives about the measurement challenges they face. The results showed that: Only … read more »


Marketers Are Moving Toward Converged Performance Measurement

Top-performing enterprise marketers are 5x more likely to use data-driven attribution. Meanwhile, more than half of all marketers still focus on the last click. Which kind of marketer do you want to be? Read our Definitive Guide to Data-Driven Attribution … read more »


Marketing Automation Checklist

There are hundreds of software companies that have been identified as marketing automation platforms. Add in customer relationship management software, email marketing platforms and experience management tools and the market is daunting at best. In its “The 2015 Marketing Technology … read more »


How to Radically Increase Google Shopping/PLA Profits with Keyword Segmentation

Over the past few years, retailers have seen steady growth in product listing ad (PLA) channels such as Google Shopping & Bing Shopping as a result of their capacity to qualify traffic prior to incurring cost. As a result, retailer … read more »


Mastering Online-to-Offline Marketing: New Digital Strategies for Offline Conversions

Date: Sep 15, 2016 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Raj Sen, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Analytics
Blair Symes, Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech


What is Marketing Automation?

This white paper reviews the basics of marketing automation. Download it to better understand what marketing automation is and how it can work for your business.


The Guide to Social Media Marketing

Modern social media marketing is still marketing. So if you understand your audience by listening, publish content that resonates, engage them, and measure your success, you will make great social strides in this digital world. Here’s why social marketing is … read more »


Informed Advertising Guide: Audience Data for Enhanced Management

A consistently relevant experience across channels is built on a cohesive and relevant message. The message derives from audience data. The struggle of getting to know and understand these attributes is real. Much as we’d like to think we do, … read more »


Webinars for Dummies

“Webinars for Dummies” offers you insights into the steps of putting together a webinar, from identifying your audience through critiquing how your webinar went. With the information in this book, you can plan an effective webinar, promote your event, create … read more »