Do you have a content strategy that works?

Lately it seems as though content is the marketing buzzword of the hour. Some of us recall days when ‘content’ was generated by ‘editorial’ types — reporters and writers in publishing divisions. Marketers, on the other hand, had copywriters, who could turn any concept into snappy messaging.

Not so for today’s marketer.

On last week’s webcast, Content Marketing and Link Building: Publishing is the New Marketing, Joe Pulizzi discussed why marketers have also taken on the role of publisher — whether they like it or not. Between social networks (which now take up of our time than email), or blogs (more than 100 million readers *daily*), or just search queries (90% of buyers go online during the buying process) — there’s a huge demand for information. ( Some estimates say that within a few years, information will double every 72 hours.)

So the content’s got to be good, Pulizzi says, in fact, it needs to be the B.E.S.T. — Behavioral, Essential, Strategic, and Targeted — in order going to capture online readers, and buyers, attention.

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How do you as a marketer keep up? Where do you focus your energy and how do you balance the information that your customers want vs. information you want your customers to have?

That’s next’s week’s topic, as Search Marketing Now presents Where Social Meets Email: Build an Integrated Content Ladder in 5 Steps — Tuesday, June 1 at 1 PM EDT. Social media expert Jay Baer, will explain why too many companies are trying to re-invent the content wheel to feed into every possible outlet — Twitter, Facebook, email, blogs, YouTube.

He’ll offer a better approach — creating a strategic content ecosystem that allows you to efficiently repurpose and cascade your best content, while maintaining sound SEO principles throughout.

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Registration is still open for our June 1 webcast — if you missed last week’s, you can watch it on-demand here.

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