5 Steps to Targeting Your Most Promising Investors

New technologies have allowed investor relations targeting to be done more easily and thoroughly.


According to a 2012 National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) study, 84% of Investor Relations Officers (IRO) reported that they engage in investor targeting. Of those who target, 31% said they engage in investor targeting every quarter.

Although targeting is a perennial on IROs’ to-do lists, it’s a task that often gets neglected. Given the vast number of institutions out there, keeping track of the players is difficult. Some of the larger third party targeting outfits boast over 45,000 entries in their databases.

The good news about targeting is that it works. More than four-fifths of IROs told NIRI that they saw results from targeting in one year or less. Learn the 5 simple steps every IRO needs to consider to attract new investors or encourage existing ones to increase their positions.

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