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Digital Marketing Depot Lead Generation: Prospect Less, Sell More

Everyone on your sales team is a pro. Everyone’s happy when they’re having meaningful client conversations, advancing opportunities and closing. Arranging those meaningful conversations is the difficult and time- consuming part. Digital Marketing Depot Lead Generation Programs are the solution.

Our pay-for-performance lead generation offering combines access to an audience with purchase authority, proven audience development capabilities, and authoritative content creation services (if you need them) to deliver highly qualified leads.

DMD lead generation programs are pay-for-performance and ROI guaranteed. We deliver or you don’t pay. And, they’re full-service. We do all the heavy lifting, so your team can focus on sales.

How It Works

How It Works New

You Get What You Want, At A Price You Want To Pay

DMD lead generation programs are incredibly flexible. You tell us who you want to reach, and whom you don’t, and we’ll develop a lead package that fits your needs and budget. DMD leads start at a base price of $20, which includes standard “business card” information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • job title
  • street address
  • city
  • state
  • zip/postal code
  • country
  • e-mail address
  • phone number

From there, select additional criteria to further refine your target lead. We can further identify and qualify specific characteristics of prospects and the organizations they work for and information that locates where they are in the purchase process.

Our team will work with your metrics to establish lead volume and ROI positive investment levels.

Lead Targeting Graph

In addition, use excludes to eliminate people beyond your sweet spot. Non-profits not your market? Exclude leads from .org domains.


DMD lead generation programs are strictly pay-for-performance, so you can be confident in the investment. You pay just $20 for standard business card information. Want to get more specific? Additional qualifying criteria can be added at an additional charge. You get what you want, for what you want to pay.

We deliver the leads you want, or you don’t pay.

Content Creation Solutions

Quality content has so many virtues. It fosters engagement. It bestows thought leadership. It is shared on social networks. It ranks well in search engines.

But creating quality content is difficult and expensive, and a distraction from your core business. That’s where we can help.

Digital Marketing Depot Content Creation Solutions (CCS) are custom-produced e-Books, Webcasts and other content offerings that drive engagements. Combine them with a DMD Lead Generation program, or use your own traffic-driving capabilities for audience development. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Align your brand with trusted content from the company that publishes Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and produces SMX: the Search Marketing Expo conference series;
  • DMD CCS is convenient and economical. Our offerings are full service and turnkey;
  • We speak your language by customizing content to resonate with your target audience;
  • We provide optional audience development and lead generation services on Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and other quality sites and social networks.
  • Want to post DMD content to your site? We offer attractive content licensing options.


Webcast Example New

DMD Webcasts are live or recorded educational productions that include content, branding and participation from the sponsor.

Content: 30 to 45 minute production, audio and PowerPoint slides delivered from the DMD platform.

Branding: Brand integration on the webcast description page, including your company abstract, logo and link.

Participation: Moderator acknowledges sponsor at the beginning and end of the webcast, sponsor logo on all webcast slides, introductory message (optional).


Ebook Example New

DMD e-Books are topic-specific, PDF-format documents written by our editorial team. You participate in topic development, and we write the e-Book and incorporate your product messaging and branding.

Once completed, you can combine the e-Book with a DMD Lead Generation program or acquire a license from us to distribute the e-Book for a year from your own site and social media locations.

E-Book features include:

  • Prominent branding on the cover of the e-Book.
  • Your company/product description page
  • 1-four color, full page ad

DMD Content Creation Solutions Rates

Webcasts and e-Books can be purchased in conjunction with a Digital Marketing Depot Lead Generation program or separately. Here are the rates.

Webcast e-Book
When combined with a DMD Lead Generation solution $4,000 $4,000
Including license to redistribute, when combined with a DMD Lead Generation solution $8,000 $8,000
Content creation and license $10,000 $10,000

Content licenses include royalty free, paid-in-full rights to distribute DMD content. You may distribute as many copies as you’d like.

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