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    From our sponsors:

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–Steven J. Bookbinder, Director, Business Development, The Search Agency

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Thank you for providing free search marketing webcast to the masses. The webcasts on search marketing now have provided insights to how one should market on the internet. I have been registering for several of the webcast offered, as I find it useful for my day job

Excellent webcast on Social Search — organization of material and clarity of ideas was great. Thank you!

I’ve listened to hundreds of search webcasts and today’s social search was one of the best I’ve heard. It did a great balance of explaining social search and giving insights into possible strategies in the social search arena. I’m overflowing with ideas for our company in social search. I attended the social media at SES Chicago and I have to say I thought I took away more from this webinar.

I’ve really taken a liking to these SearchMarketingNow webcasts.