About Bidnamic


Bidnamic is a marketing technology company that helps retailers optimize Google Shopping campaigns. The Bidnamic platform plugs into the Google Ads API and uses the latest developments in machine learning technology to automatically place the optimal competitive bid on the right keywords, at the right time, and for an unlimited number of product SKUs.

Resources from Bidnamic:


Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce

In Bidnamic’s “Advanced techniques for driving conversions in Google Shopping campaigns” you’ll learn about: Ecommerce conversion rate benchmarks, including standard, poor and successful conversion rates for the top 10 verticals online Overcoming barriers in the customer journey Delivering more compelling … read more »


How successful retailers optimize their Google Shopping campaigns

This playbook from Bidnamic explores how top retailers have leveraged the rise of Google Shopping in search marketing, driving increased online sales and profits. You’ll learn about: The input metrics used by campaign managers to beat the competition The latest … read more »