About Acxiom


Acxiom provides the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. We enable people-based marketing everywhere through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data that drives seamless customer experiences and higher ROI. We believe data is the key to creating meaningful interactions at scale between consumers and the brands they love.

Resources from Acxiom:


The New Face of Data-Driven Marketing: A Buyer’s Guide for Today’s Omnichannel Marketer

While the market is ripe with over thousands of martech and adtech options, marketers must ensure they have the right unified data foundation in place to power their marketing ecosystem. A new eBook from Acxiom, “The New Face of Data-Driven … read more »


The Definitive Guide to Open Gardens eBook

Chances are, you’ve heard the buzz about the Open Garden movement.  Now find out how you can go about designing your own Open Garden and uniting your fragmented marketing ecosystem. Don’t worry — it’s actually pretty easy. And once you’ve … read more »