E-Book: Using Remarketing to Drive Increased Display Ad Results

Web-based business owners have learned to live with the fact that most visitors leave without converting. Many visitors are comparison-shopping and visit several sites before converting. Others may leave because they find sites difficult to navigate.

There’s a segment that is sorely-missed — people close to making a conversion decision, but the timing is wrong. They might have been distracted just before converting, or they need to make one more price comparison before buying.

Advertising technology has evolved so that these non-converters can be tracked and served up custom ads to draw them back in. This capability, known as re-targeting, was made available to Google AdWords advertisers in late 2009 and is called ‘re-marketing’ by Google.

This eBook describes how to set up and run Google AdWords remarketing campaigns. The fundamental principles, however, can be applied to retargeting campaigns on any other ad platform.

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