About Smith.ai


Smith.ai is a superior virtual receptionist service for small to midsize businesses. Our professional, bilingual North America-based receptionists answer calls, texts, website chats, and social messages; qualify and intake leads; triage support requests; book appointments; accept payments; and make outbound calls for sales outreach (and much more). Backed by the most sophisticated AI-backed software, Smith.ai blocks spam calls, integrates with your business software, and automates workflows. By combining the best of human and machine intelligence, we help you achieve lightning-fast responsiveness, happier clients, and better marketing results, 24/7.

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How to Use Virtual Receptionists for Small-Business Growth

From answering phone calls and texts, to engaging with customers online, your employees time is better spent on your core business. Don’t let another customer reach voicemail. Don’t waste the time of sales staff on pre-screening leads or support staff … read more »