B2B Content Marketing and Syndication: Secrets of Success

Date: Jun 14, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Maria Pergolino, Marketo
Manny Rivas, aimClear

Third Door Media

Content marketing has become a powerful tool in the B2B marketer’s arsenal. Successful content marketing programs have two components:

  • Creating authoritative content
  • Syndicating that content to a responsive audience

In this webcast, Marketo content marketing expert Maria Pergolino will discuss setting achievable content marketing goals and objectives, the challenges of creating compelling content and the virtues of working with content creation and syndication partners.

Maria will be joined by aimClear’s Manny Rivas who will present a case study of how his search and social media agency successfully extended its thought leadership by partnering with a leading publisher on a content marketing program.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • How to set goals and objectives for content marketing programs
  • How to find the right content creation and syndication partner
  • The advantages and challenges of going it alone or working with a partner

Maria Pergolino is Director of Marketing at Marketo, where she specializes in demand generation, inbound marketing, and campaign optimization. She is the author of the most successful social media book created specifically for B2B Marketers, The Definitive Guide to B2B Social Media, and has also written for many marketing blogs, Marketo’s popular blog, Modern B2B Marketing. She is a frequent speaker at marketing industry events.

Manny Rivas is Account Manager at aimClear, an internationally recognized and respected online marketing agency. He is also a frequent contributor to the aimClear blog.

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